Saturday, October 18, 2008

Family In town

Our church is having a revival. It began last night and concludes tomorrow morning. My dad is preaching, so my entire family, (Mom, Dad, Micah, and Nicholas) is in town. We're all going to watch the Bama game this afternoon. Fun!

We may hit Hinton's for a pumpkin. I would like to get a big one and name her Sally, call her Sal. I love the Dick Van Dyke Show, even if he has the world's most unfortunate name. It is rythmic, so maybe not quite the most unfortunate. I've always felt a little sad for Sally's character. She never did get herself a husband, if I recall. Well, I'll dedicate a pumpkin to her. I'll get a nice bow for the side.

Anyway... Six people eat a lot more than two, especially when two teenage boys are involved. I don't think Nicholas eats all that much, but I'm absolutely positive that Micah takes down anything you put in front of him. It's not a problem, but I do have an issue with planning dinners with that many people. I'm deeply afraid of running out of food and leaving everyone hungry. I don't know if I could ever recover. Fortunately, my Crock-Pot is always with me. I can make large amounts of food with very little effort. I'm trying out a new recipe tonight. It makes me nervous, but I live life on the edge.

Hope you have a great weekend. Roll Tide!

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