Monday, October 20, 2008

Dinner (Yea...)

Tonight is leftover bean soup night. Exciting, eh? We eat bean soup every week because it's cheap, $3 for us to eat twice. It tastes about as good as you would think a giant vat of beans would. We dread the experience, but it's edible, fairly nutritious, and, as mentioned previously, cheap. We're adding leftover roast to it tonight, as suggested by my mom.

I am going to make cornbread tonight. I like making corn bread. I like to bake. I also like the way that corn bread tastes. I make them in the muffin form because they get really crispy, in spite of the fact that I no longer own a cast iron skillet. I had two, but they died in the aging process. Or I thought that they were ruined... but thinking back, I'm just not sure.

We ate a lot of pretty good food, including pizza, this weekend, so I don't feel as guilty about kicking off the week with the unfortunate beginning of bean soup. It can only get better from here, barring I get too experimental.

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