Friday, October 31, 2008

Hoppy Reformation Day!

What is Reformation Day? It is the day that we celebrate the beginning of Protestantism. This day is marked by Martin Luther posting the "95 Theses" on the door of the Catholic Church. How does one celebrate such a holiday? Oddly enough, we celebrate in a very similar fashion to Halloween, except that no scary costumes are involved, and we attend some sort of church function rather than Trick-or-Treating. (It is possible that we just call it Reformation Day instead of Halloween, but it is pretty much the same thing... maybe.)

There are a couple of lucky people who are fortunate enough to share a birthday with the Protestant Movement. Happy Birthday Uncle Shawn and Charlotte (my sister-in-law)!!!

Whatever you celebrate today, and however you do, or don't, celebrate it, I hope that you have a good, safe time.

My little Kangaroo.

Mommy's bunny, and she is thrilled.

In order to get both of them in the same frame, we tried taking a picture while they were swinging. Not a good picture, but they're both in it.

Again, my bunny is soooo happy. Ella is eating a leaf. She was content to sit there and eat her leaf all day.

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