Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Great Date

I told Edwin a couple of weeks ago that the ideal date would be to take our kids to someone else's house and us stay in for a few hours without any kids. He wasn't totally sure that this was as brilliant as I thought. He went with it, despite his lack of faith. We sent the kids to B. Whit's house where she and her husband did a fabulous job caring for them. It's some good people who are willing to allow two children into their home. Especially Fount Ella and Destructo De, although they claimed that they were pretty good. I'm grateful for their kindness.

Back to the date... We had an indoor picnic on the living room floor. Our dining area is in the kitchen, and I really didn't want to spend our evening in the room where I spend so much time working. Edwin brought home a platter of Tuscani Chicken Alfredo from Pizza Hut. It was really, really good. And cheap. Much cheaper than two equally good meals out. I lit a bunch of candles. I didn't want the smell of spit-up to permeate the house during our date for some reason. I moved the giant slide out of our den too. I thought about moving the other toys and stuff, but that would have taken hours, and I just would have had to move it all back. Not worth it. I chose to try to ignore it.

We sat down on the floor, ate our food, and played Monopoly. We were able to hear each other talk and everything! So exciting! I know, we're pretty boring, old people for our age. I'm okay with it. We had a ball. It was a lot of fun eating a meal and talking without holding an infant in one arm or trying to fend off a toddler with the other.

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brooke said...

Fount Ella....that's the perfect name for her! I don't really think DeLaynie is very much of a Destructo though. I was trying to think of something clever for DeLaynie that has to do with running but I had no luck. Anyway, glad y'all had fun!