Friday, October 3, 2008

Lucky Charms

I bought DeLaynie some cereal last night. She really likes them. It took about three servings before she realized that there were some pieces that are better than the others. Since then she's started dumping out the cup of cereal on the floor and picking out the marshmallows. I remember doing the same thing. I have a feeling she'll follow in her mother's footsteps and lick all of the cream out of her Oreos, leaving the cookies, creamless and slobbery.

All of that to say, we had Lucky Charms in the house. For less than twenty-four hours. I'd love to say that DeLaynie ate the whole box, but I can't. I helped... a little. Maybe more than a little. Maybe a lot. It was a team effort. I ate the cereal, not just the marshmallows. At least I've improved at a few things over the years. Those things really are magical, and I am Irish, so I have a few mediocre excuses. Okay, so I'm not exactly full-blooded Irish, but I am short with red hair, freckles, and green eyes, so there has to be at least one Irish person in my heritage. I'll leave you with that thought with which to judge me.

Have a great weekend!


Rachel said...

It's not your fault. Those things are narcotically addictive.

brooke said...

I've never had Lucky Charms.