Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Doing Something Worthwhile

I thought about ranting about how advertisers use the word, "fall" way too much in their ads at this time of year ("Fall Into Savings" "Fall Into Fashion" "You'll Fall for our Low Prices"), but I decided that it may not help my persona of being a little obsessed with language and grammar.

Instead, I have decided to mention how happy writing the devotional blog makes me. There is a good chance that there aren't tons and tons of people who read it, but it still seems like a worthwhile venture to me. I have learned a ton by writing them. Most of the time, I gain much more than anyone who reads it is going to. I love writing, and delving into the Word just makes me want to sit at the keyboard and start typing. It's nice to have an outlet for what I'm learning. The accountability is great, too.

If you would like to read the studies, the link is on the right (The Dwelling Place), or you can click here. I try to update it about three times a week.

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