Thursday, October 30, 2008

Anyone Else Ready for the Holidays?

I am. Shopping (even if you buy nothing) will do that to you. Especially when everyone is putting out decorations and playing music. I think that they are trying to create some Christmas spirit with the hopes that it will translate into something green and merry... money. No one has money for shopping if they are logical, but with all the pretty silver snowflakes and white reindeer, even I was almost tempted to pull out the credit card, almost.

If all of this IMB stuff works out, we'll be in Tallassee for the whole Christmas season. Instead of packing and traveling the entire trip, we'll be able to relax some and enjoy the holiday and the looks on the kids faces and such. DeLaynie's first holiday, we went to Alabama for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. I don't know what I was thinking. Poor DeLaynie didn't care much for the experience at all. Last year we stayed for Thanksgiving, but did a very intricate tour of Bama country for Christmas. She was sick, on antibiotics, and unhappy. I was pregnant and carsick most of the trip. Well, I was pregnant the whole time and carsick most of the time. We did really enjoy the time with our families though. It was worth it. I'm glad that we won't be repeating that experience, hopefully, this year.

I'm excited about our second "grown-up" Thanksgiving with B. Wal and her family. They're good peeps. Homies. Fo shizel my nizel (I hope that I spelled that right. Oh well, I bet that no one who reads this will know the difference). Peace out!

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Nina D. Casteel said...

Hey Hannah,
I am getting excited about the holidays!!
The small grandchildren(Hunter,Coleman,Levi,Noah,Taylor)always can't wait to see what grandma has got them.I love to see their faces light up.I can't wait to read them the story of jesus birth again.Oh,
to be a child again.I am very thankful for my precious family,that God has blessed me with.
Also my church family.I am really going to miss all of you.Please email me some pictures of you all.Especially DeLaynie.I love her so much.She has a very special place in my heart.
Tell her that the apple jack lady will miss her
and that she will never forget her. Nina