Monday, October 27, 2008

Not Quite Betty

I'm working on improving my kitchen abilities. I'm getting better, but I'm far (far!) from being someone that people would refer to as a great cook.

Edwin isn't feeling well, and he didn't get much time off this weekend (Fall Festival and Sunday services do that to a pastor), so he's home today, except for a meeting or two. I decided to be all Proverbs 31 and cook cinnamon rolls. I've been trying to make them gooey, like a certain fast food chain's. I added shortening, too much. I think I'm going to be sick, actually. They were gooey, or maybe doughey is a better term. Blah!

In other, related, news, I thought that I'd had a stroke of brilliance when I came up with the innovative idea that pumpkin seeds could be roasted in the Crock Pot. I wrote one of my personal heroes, The CrockPot Lady, and made the suggestion. She emailed me back! I was quite excited. Unfortunately, the idea didn't work. I'm seriously hoping that I was one of thousands of people who wrote her with the suggestion. I'd hate to lead The CrockPot Lady astray.

Oh well; I'm making progress. I'm pretty satisfied with where I am, for now. I'm going to keep working at it. But you may want to wait a while before coming to a dinner party at my place.

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