Friday, May 29, 2009

Change of Plans

Yesterday we received a call telling us that the medical staff wanted to give us an update on what's going on. We knew what that meant. A few minutes later, our hypothesis was confirmed. We aren't going overseas.

DeLaynie has been placed at the mildest end of the autism spectrum. (Autism spectrum disorder is different from autism proper, in case you're planning on checking out on Wikipedia. You should know, however, than none of the medical sites' descriptions of children with this disorder remotely fit DeLaynie.) The medical staff doesn't want to send her to a place where another language is spoken for a portion of the day because they're afraid that will confuse her as she tries to learn English. I guess New York City, Los Angeles, and most of Texas are out of the question, then, huh?

Now, before you get all worried and spiritually burdened, you should know that I'm doing just fine. Really. People here at the training center don't seem to believe me. But at this point, it's helpful to know that we are called to serve in the United States. We had been looking at countries all over the planet, hoping to find a fit somewhere other than here, but this definitely narrows the options.

For us, staying is a sacrifice. It's the sacrifice that we've been called to lay down at the feet of Jesus, and it will be.

Don't get it in your head that I'm being super-spiritual about the situation. I really want to go, and I'm plenty unhappy that we aren't. But we aren't. We know that God's sovereignty doesn't have a glitch in it. We know that His goodness is abundant. We know that He is our portion and our good. For now, He's going to be our portion and our good in this country. We're hoping that when DeLaynie has progressed to an age appropriate level, we may return to the possibility of overseas ministry.

We should mention that we're hoping to go west (young man), where churches are dramatically less numerous than they are in the southeast. Plus, I would love to get some seminary under my pink, rhinestone-laden belt, and I really like Golden Gate, a seminary made up of five campuses spread out over the west.

For now, we have no firm plans. The next step is to see Edwin's brother, and then we head to Alabama, where we have a furnished mission house waiting on us, by the grace of God and His provision. We will serve where needed, and follow the path that God will, most assuredly, make straight under our feet, as He has to this point.


Anonymous said...

Hannah, I love you very much!
Love, Mom

The Carpenter Life said...

We are so looking forward to see how God uses you all and this new situation for His Glory!! One day it will all make sense and we will all see why it had to be this way, at this exact time. Praying for you all and for continued discernment!


Rachel said...

Wow - I know that wasn't in your plans, but it always is comforting to know that it always was in God's, isn't it? I'm so sorry - I know you're disappointed and trying to rework your expectations and plans. I will be praying that God would make clear where he wants you to go from here!

Julie said...

Hannah, it is amazing to see the growth in you as a young woman. We will be praying for you and Edwin in this journey and striving together in prayer with you to KNOW the place to which you are called for this season. God bless you for your openness and honesty.
Julie Reynolds

Texas Carpenters said...

Hannah Banana...your maturity and faith are a joy to see! Even in what has to be a disappointing time, you are trusting in God's sovereignty. You will find the path He has for you, Edwin and the girls. All is well.

The Byrd's Nest said...

We are all so thankful you are now a part of our family. I am going to miss you guys so much. We will never cease in praying for your family.

I am praying that soon God shows you His plan for where you will serve Him. You and Edwin are such a testimony to everyone here at ILC.