Wednesday, August 6, 2008

About My Family in Alabama

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I was able to see my parents this weekend for one night. It just so happened that we were passing through on a Sunday evening, so I was able to go to my home church. My mom and brother (Micah, 19) teach discipleship training classes, and my mom (who lines things up for discipleship training) asked Edwin to speak to a men's class.

I went to my mom's class. It was the first time that I was in a class taught by my mom since I was in the children's program. It was a true joy. I rarely get to see my mom in situations where she isn't "just" my mom. I loved getting to see her do something else that she is called to do. And she did a great job at it. The lesson was on walking by faith, and not by sight. She mentioned how there had been a time in our family's history when money was tight, or completely absent. It was then, she said, that we had to walk by faith, and God used supernatural means to provide for us. I vaguely remember those times. I didn't particularly enjoy having so little, but I think more about how my parents did provide for us, even when it meant that they went without. I remember their faithfulness to give to the church. I remember how my mom did an amazing job managing our somewhat meager finances. I hope to learn more from her in that area.

I was also home about a month ago, and I snuck down to listen in on Micah teaching the kids' class. It was only the second time I got to hear him teach. He did an excellent job with the kiddos. He explained why David's mighty men were called mighty, and not just men. (Because of their faith, he said.) It was his first night teaching, but he was comfortable and clear. I was impressed.

Since my dad is a pastor, I also got to hear him preach, both this trip and the last one. I always love getting to see and hear my dad preach. It is his element. I don't know if he is ever as much himself as he is behind the pulpit. I don't mean that he turns into someone else at home, he's the same person, just more so. I remember going to college and beginning looking for a new church in Mobile. It was the first (and most likely, last) opportunity I had to actually choose a church. It was hard. I didn't realize how good of a preacher my dad was because I had never really heard anyone else.

I had no idea how many pastors preach sugar. There was one guy who had us hold up our Bibles, proclaim its power and authority, and then we closed them for the rest of the service. We went off of two verses that were projected onto the wall, and the sermon had very little to do with those two verses. He seemed like a nice guy though.

To this day, the only preacher that I like as much as Daddy is my husband. I'm sure I'm partial. Both are great men at home as well as at church, and they both love me with excellence. It's only right that I like them as much as I do.

The biggest recent news in our family is a new addition, Nicholas. Don't worry; he's fifteen. I'm very proud of my parents for opening themselves up. It isn't going to be an easy transition for anyone, but I think they're working it out very well. And allow me to say that I'm very happy to have a new little brother. Welcome to the family, Nicholas; it's a good one!

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