Friday, August 15, 2008

Date Night

Edwin and I are going out tonight. We have a date about as often as we can, usually about once a month or so. It does cost quite a bit, though it helps that our babysitters work for much, much less than most do (and we really appreciate that). Still, we try to make it happen, even if the funds are not there. I have some friends that do not really understand the value we place on date night. I'm honestly just not sure how they manage without that time with their husbands. Edwin and I need time to sit and talk. During the week, the best conversations that we are capable of having center on such exciting subjects as "When was the last time you changed Ella's diaper?" and "How much laundry do we have left?" Actual conversations, the kind when you remember why you fell in love and who it is that you are married to, are few and far between. The fact that we do have to pay a lot of money to go out and have an evening together makes us use the time wisely. I'm grateful that God has placed this desire in both of our hearts, and has always provided the resources to fulfill that desire. I think that this time together is an investment that will pay off in the long run, for us as a couple, and for our girls.

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Rachel Callahan said...

AMEN to the need for date night!!! We are like you guys and place HIGH value on time alone. We are very fortunate to have grandparents who also understand and encourage the value of date night, and also beg to keep our baby every other weekend. God is good! And good for you guys to make it happen no matter the cost or trouble!!!