Thursday, August 14, 2008

Pediatricians and Michael Phelps

Edwin's taking DeLaynie to the doctor right now. I know that doctors' visits are generally mommy jobs, but he can't feed Ella, and I'm not chancing it in a doctor's waiting room with her. De's been grumpy for a little while, and I'm desperately hoping that it's an ear infection because she's been pulling on her ears. An ear infection is, after all, infinitely better than a generally unpleasant child. We rarely give in and take her to the doctor. I'm always afraid of going in to the doc with a minor cold, and coming out with chicken pox. She doesn't get sick nearly as often as her other little friends, so I figure that my theory is working, or she just has a naturally high immunity and I'm taking the credit.

I discussed how Edwin and I are getting into the Olympics this year. Allow me to take a moment to make it publicly known that I am now a fan of Michael Phelps (who isn't?). Usually I choose to buck the system and pick out a total loser for which to cheer. But come on! He broke a world record without being able to see! I think he may just be an athlete who just can't receive as much praise as he actually deserves.

Edwin keeps saying, "I just hope he's not doping." He's been deeply affected by the fall of his baseball hero, Roger Clemens. Drugs do have a way of sucking the magic right out athleticism. I would be broken hearted if Michael Phelps were taking performance enhancing drugs, as most Americans would be. If he's clean, he is easily the most impressive swimmer I've ever seen, and just maybe the most amazing athlete of my short lifetime.

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