Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Home Again, Home Again!

Well, the day numbering was thrown off a bit, so I'm just going to let that one go.

I re-read the posts from the past week. I probably should've done that before posting. They came off pretty unhappy. I didn't think anyone was really going to read them, so it wrote them as if I were writing in my diary. Allow me to apologize. I should remember to check my mood before posting. Things really weren't so bad. In fact, I'm glad for the trip. I was able to read some, DeLaynie swam, and we all had some time to be together that we would not have gotten otherwise. After a couple of days, I threw the diet out the window, and I still didn't gain any weight. Now that's grace.

If we hadn't gone on this trip, I would have missed a great blessing. This blessing is pictured above. I've always been impressed by the effort and money some people put into having a distinctive mailbox. This one is my favorite so far. I just wish I could have heard the conversation that took place when the homeowners realized that they could have a giant manatee hold their mailbox. The manatee is, after all, the most noble of all the water dwelling mammals. He sure does seem happy to be of service, in spite of the giant crack in his head. What a trooper! I ran across him while walking through a neighborhood adjacent to the camp. He seems to understand what Paul meant when he said that he learned to be happy in all things.

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Sarah Argo said...

Brian and I loved this one! I am just wondering where I can get mine!