Saturday, August 16, 2008

What I'm Reading

I'm currently reading two completely different books. When we were in Foley on the previously discussed vacation, we went to a Christian book outlet where almost everything was five bucks, so I bought three books. Both current reads are very good and helpful. The first is Who Got Peanut Butter on My Daily Planner? by Cindy Sigler Dagnan. I was more influenced by the subtitle, "Organizing and Loving Your Days as a Mom". I was feeling more inadequate as a stay at home mom than normal, so the title spoke to me. It's a very practical book, but it has Bible study sprinkled throughout. It is sound, for the most part, and it can push on certain things, like watching too much television. We've made changes in our watching time as a result. It's a good choice between heavier Bible studies at church or in your personal time.

I'm also reading Lord, I Need Your Grace to Get Me Through Today by Kay Arthur. I wasn't totally sure about my first choice since I'd never heard anything about the author, and it seemed like it may not be very meaty as far as Scripture goes. Kay Arthur is always reliable. I haven't been disappointed. The days are short, though. When I have time for a "real quiet time", I do three days in Kay Arthur or part of a chapter of Peanut Butter and a day or two in Grace. Don't be impressed; this doesn't happen very often.

The contrast is a stark one at times. Kay Arthur uses historical stories to illustrate her point while Cindy S. Dagnan uses quotes from secular authors and cute stories of her own family. Kay Arthur isn't very big on cute. The two blend well, though. I read about the various things that I need to work on as a mommy one day and the grace of God that will help me get there the next. I recommend both, though I have to admit that the price probably makes them even better.

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