Monday, August 25, 2008

Coffee and Lorna Doones

I started drinking coffee in the morning purely as a delivery system for caffeine. Most caffeinated drinks have a lot of calories, so coffee seemed like a good choice. Now I wake up thinking about it. The idea of sitting down and slowly sipping a cup of coffee is delightful to me. Edwin doesn't drink coffee. I make it, using the coffee maker and everything, just for me. Plus, with twenty-five calories with Splenda flavored coffee sweetener and fat free creamer, it's completely guilt free. It's a simple pleasure, I know.

I recently discovered the 100 calorie packs of Lorna Doone cookies. As Rachel Ray would say, "Yum-O!" They taste buttery. I'm not sure how much actual butter is contained in aforementioned cookie, but they are incredibly good.

Edwin brought home half a pound of fudge the other day. He went into the fudge shop to get fudge for a friend who had surgery, and he walked out with an extra half of a pound! Yeah, I ate most of it. I blame his treachery for the fact that I didn't lose as much as I should have this week. He was trying to be sweet, and they were having a "buy a pound, get half a pound free" deal going on. What was the poor man to do? He froze like I do at the salon. It's not like I could have done a better job. They probably would have had to call the cops to drag me away after I bit out a chunk of every single block of the incredibly fattening, wonderfully decadent temptation that they call fudge.

My place is at home, with a cup of coffee and a pack of Lorna Doones. I highly recommend them, but I shall always remember with great affection that block of fudge. (Thanks, honey!)

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Edwin said...

You are very welcome. I love you!