Friday, August 1, 2008

Days 6-8: Camp Baldwin

Ella woke up at 5:00 a.m. this morning. Since we're all in one room, so did everyone else. This whole one room thing makes me seriously question the sanity of the parents who share a bed with a few children all the time. I'm sure they are better at it than we are.

Going without television hasn't been too bad. DeLaynie watches videos on the laptop when necessary. If Ella would get happy for a few consecutive minutes, I might can actually read. Maybe she's tired. I'd like to give her her first lesson in consequences and not let her sleep until bed time, but that's more of a punishment for me than her.

Last night I was able to get some reading in. One of the things I read discussed the choices we make in television. I've been seriously considering cutting down on t.v. in our home. I'll let you know how far that resolution makes it. Well, Edwin's currently exiled to the room with both girls. It's a difficult place to be; I know because I've been there for about half this trip. It's good though. It makes me really appreciate simple things, like doors.

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Sarah Argo said...

I feel your pain on the one room thing. We try to avoid it if at all possible. A couple of weeks ago all five of us shared one room when we went with the youth group on their summer retreat. All in all it went well, but Emma (our youngest) thought it was time to party several times throughout the night! Keep me posted on the t.v. thing. I have the same inclining, but can't seem to find a good balance...I've actually wanted to put the thing in our shed!