Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A (semi)Major Announcement

If you know me pretty well, you know that until very recently I've been a decidedly sedentary person. I don't like the outdoors; I don't like physical exertion. I like the couch. I like cheese dip and nachos. Somehow that plan ended up in obesity. After I realized that I really was obese, not just "a little overweight" as I had thought, I made a few changes.

I walk or ride a recumbent bike five days a week. I only count it as a workout if I walk three miles or ride eight. My goal is to walk four miles (pushing the stroller) or ride ten miles. I've slashed the number of calories I eat. I'd hate to know how many calories I was eating before. The thought makes me sad.

After losing 40+ pounds, I've reached my initial goal weight. I'm about ten pounds from my ideal weight. You'd think that I'd be elated. I am happy, but I'm also a little bored with the established routine because I don't have much of a goal anymore.

To combat this I have made a decision. I am going to participate in a charity race in Louisville. It's a 5k, (3.1 miles for those of you who, like me, are metrically challenged). That means that I need to learn how to really run, not just walk. It's a challenge. Edwin would like to run with me, if it works out. Either way, I'm going to do it. I could use some sponsors. Five $5 sponsors would be ideal, but I'll be thrilled if I get two. Let me know if you would like to be a sponsor.

I am going to admit something now. I can gripe about the exercising and the diet. I do miss the food, but I'm getting used to what I eat these days. The thing is... I like the walking and the biking and the crunches and stretching. I'm a little shocked by it. I'm glad to get that into the open. Confession, like dancing with your husband in the kitchen, can lighten a heavy spirit.

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Brooke said...

ME ME!! I want to be a sponsor. One condition: you make me do it with you! :)