Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Special Dinner

My book had a lovely sounding suggestion to make dinnertime more special by playing music, posting the menu, and using fine china. I worked to get everything ready for this special dinner. Edwin has had a difficult week, so I was already planning to make his pork chops his favorite way (fried) and baking mine separately. That's no big deal. I used foil to separate the two so I didn't even have to clean extra pans.

Everything was ready. Josh Groban was singing in the background, and doing a wonderful job. May I say that the suggestion is a good one. It would have been a lot of fun, except for the girls having a particularly off night. DeLaynie developed a fever while the meal was in progress. She laid on Edwin for about half of dinner, eventually falling asleep. She feels okay now.

Ella recently grasped the idea that a fork is used to carry food, all of which is better than anything that she gets, from the plate to one's mouth. Each time I picked it up and lifted it to my mouth, she watched, eagerly hoping that Mommy would graciously choose to share. When I didn't, she cried. Every. Single. Time.

We got to talk a little after I put Ella down in her bouncy seat and DeLaynie fell asleep in Edwin's lap. It may not have been the family-centered meal time that I was hoping for, but it was nice. The plates and crystal looked really pretty, especially after I was able to get the bar code stickers off. That's right; after being married for four and a half years, we finally got around to using those plates. I guess we accomplished something after all.


Megan Abraham said...

Ha! Sounds like us too! I think I've only used some of our wedding stuff two or three times in 4 1/2 years. Sad huh? Emma has had a high fever for 24 hours now. Is DeLaynie's gone?

Christy said...!! I can so relate to that! my mom gave us some really nice China... and I think I have used it once... Once, I tell you! in five years. That is so very, very sad.