Monday, August 18, 2008

God's Provision in Relationships

We live in a small town. Small and rural. The closest WalMart is over thirty minutes away. A donkey lives down the street and feels the need to wake us up every morning. Our first few months here, my best friend while Edwin was at work was a puppy. After we were forced to put him down due to a car accident, I was pretty lonely, not to mention sad. It was only a few weeks later that God sent some special people into my world.

Edwin went to school with a girl named Brooke Sitton. She went to Auburn and married a man named Brian Waldrep. Her husband is a forester, a job that brought him to Fort Knox. They bought a house in Hodgenville, just a few minutes from our house. They ended up coming to our church at the recommendation of a mutual friend who was living in Florida at the time. They've been faithful members ever since. Brooke and Brian have two gorgeous kiddos. Their oldest is nine months older than DeLaynie and their youngest is thirteen months older than Ella.

Brooke has been a true blessing to me and their whole family is very special to us. Granted, she almost got me killed the other day. Well, I choose to blame her. We combined our yard sales, and she was selling her husband's weight bench and free weights, and she got a little bored. "I bet your arms are stronger than mine." Yeah, right. She went on, "I bet you'll kick my tail with the arm weights. I mean, my legs are strong, but your arms are way stronger!" Yeah, I almost died when I got a little too ambitious and decided to jump about thirty pounds up to attempt to match her. I think I might could out-run her if things go south, though.

Recently, our church has gained a new family. They drive all the way from Louisville to help lead us in worship. Our church hired Travis a few weeks ago, and his wife and daughter graciously join him for the trek every week. I've been impressed from the get-go with Travis and Megan's servant spirits. They're about as easy to talk to as any couple I've ever met, and that's saying something coming from me as I may be the least socially adequate individual in the state of Kentucky. I really look forward to getting to know them better. I know that Edwin has already been encouraged to have a partner in ministry.

People can be treasures in this life. If you're hearing the song "Friends" by good ol' Smitty running through your head, I apologize. I guess I just needed to add some cheese to this stew of a blog.

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Lindsay said...

Aww. Brookie is the best! Glad the "Florida friend" could help set y'all up :).