Friday, August 8, 2008

Yard Sales and Babies

Oops! I missed a day. I was working on getting everything ready for the yard sale we are having this weekend. We had our first day today. It wasn't too great. We've had more stuff than normal, but we didn't make that much yet. Friday is usually the better day, but maybe everyone being in school will mean that tomorrow will be more profitable. I have hope. Yard sales are my only way to pay for Edwin's gifts without using money from his job. I know, I know. The things I'm selling were mostly all bought with money he earned, but by this point, the two aren't nearly as connected as our checking account is to his paycheck. I also get that I'm earning money by staying at home, sort of. I still like buying him gifts (or at least putting money toward his gifts) with money that I earned by organizing a yard sale. This may turn into a debate later. Leave me comments if I have offended you greatly.

On a more mommy-like note, Ella makes me giggle. She likes it when I sing to her. DeLaynie didn't really care for it. Ella gets a big, cheesy grin on her face when I start to sing. Maybe she finds me funny, but I still like it. Right now she's fighting off a nap, although she's exhausted. Kids today! I find it strange that children who need naps don't want to take them, and adults who have no time for naps desperately crave them.

DeLaynie made a developmental stride today. She has had issues with showing enough possession over things. Today she threw a royal hissy fit because Sawyer wouldn't let her have both Buzz and Woody. I'm so proud. Yes, I know that bad behavior isn't good, and I did discipline her by taking Buzz away (Sawyer still had Woody, leaving her empty handed for a couple of minutes), but she needed to develop the attention span to want one toy (or in this case, two toys) for a longer span of time. It's a good thing for her to have her mind so completely set on something at her age. In other words, she should be selfish like the other kids. May I say, today she did an excellent job in that area!


Megan Abraham said...

Yay DeLaynie!

Rachel Callahan said...

Hey Hannah! I just ran across your blog via facebook. Welcome to the Mommy Blogging world!! It's quite addicting, and a GREAT way to journal our lives for our little ones!
I have even started publishing mine in full picture books, since I know I'll never get around to Creative Memories. It's the best baby book that Ali will have! ;)
Anyway, welcome!! I look forward to reading about your adventures!