Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Thank you!

DeLaynie has been saying "thanks!" in the most adorable way recently. I told Edwin about it Sunday, but he seemed a bit underwhelmed. Last night he handed her something, juice I think, and she replied with her "thanks!". I think that if Edwin had been drinking milk, it would have come out of his nose. He was very happy. It is really stinkin' cute.

DeLaynie has really enjoyed playing with a mixing bowl full of water and spoons. It's a simple thing for her to play with, and it keeps her entertained while I work in the kitchen. My thought is that the dirtiest consequence is that some things, like DeLaynie and the floor, get wet. Due to sensory issues, DeLaynie hates being splashed, so she's very careful to keep the water over sink as she pours it from one container to the other. I figure that it sounds like one of those things that should be good for her hand-eye coordination, hand strength, or what-have-you. Another, added benefit is that it forces me to keep at least one half, preferably both halves, of the sink clean (except for the things she plays with). It's nice to have such accountability.

On a totally different note, possibly a different key altogether, I must sadly announce that it doesn't look like I'll be participating in the 5k as hoped. I only had one offer for sponsorship, and we don't have any extra money to pay the fee or the gas to get to Louisville. The friend that was going to "run" next to me is having back problems because she isn't supposed to run. I'm sorry that I'm backing out, but I'm continuing to exercise and eat healthier than I had been, much healthier. I hit my goal weight, not that it looks as good as I remember. I'm pretty sure that unless you have a lot of money and a good cosmetic surgeon, the after baby body never looks quite as good as it did before. I'm hoping that I'm wrong.

Both girls are asleep, and I haven't had lunch, so I'm going to go eat and then get to cleaning. My mother-in-law's coming Friday, and there's lots (and lots) to get done before then.

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Rachel said...

AMEN and AMEN on the body-never-being-the-same thing. Even after only one child and weighing 20 lbs less than I did pre-pregnancy, there are areas of my body that still look sadly post-partum. Odd, isn't it? Maybe that's part of the curse. Pain in childbirth and pain in looking at one's own body after childbirth.