Tuesday, April 7, 2009

400 Pounds

400 pounds of stuff. That sounds like so much, until you start breaking that down.

75 lbs- girls' clothes
75 lbs- mom's clothes, okay maybe
50 lbs- dad's clothes
30 lbs- shoes, belts, outerwear, and other accessories
50 lbs- appliances, like hair dryer, flat iron, Crock Pot, coffee maker, etc.
20 lbs- books in a language we actually speak
15 lbs- toiletries, with extras of hard to find products
35 lbs- movies, cds, dvd player, and a couple of electronics
25 lbs- toys (that isn't many)
25 lbs- some homey stuff, like photographs (without frames; we'll buy those there) , bedding, towels, and a few other things to make our new house a home

If that still sounds like a lot to you, try weighing your stuff. It's amazing how much stuff weighs. I'm pretty sure that the final weight break-down isn't going to be quite that neat, but that'll give you a general idea of the task we're facing this week. I'm waiting for a couple of all-new categories to pop up and throw my entire system out of whack. Eh! What's in a system, anyhow?

I've been trying to keep my mind off of the actual task at hand, but I figured that I'd give you a glimpse at the math that's filled my sub-conscious for so long this week. Now, I must get back to the task at hand!


the Mama of the Peas said...

Wow. I hadn't thought of breaking it down quite like that. But that is interesting. I've been worried about weighing our suitcases *before* we arrive at the airport and have to start throwing stuff in the trash to bring the weight down. How are you weighing all your stuff?

Edwin said...

We weigh our stuff by standing on a scale with it and then without it. - Edwin (yippee)

Brooke said...

Can't you just pack what you can't buy down there. Then buy stuff you need when you get there (bedding, towels...). It has to be a lot cheaper there anyway.

Hannah A. said...

Nope, Brooke. It's twice as expensive. I know. That's weird, since they're so poor. Most of them go without the things that we think are absolutely essential, so it's really a matter of making the adjustment easier on the all of us. (It's not a good idea for me to go without a coffee maker, which tends to be really expensive there.) I'm not taking our (adult) bedding or towels, though. Just DeLaynie's quilt and one special towel per girl.