Monday, April 6, 2009

Missions Mondays: Pre-Training 1

I've made an executive decision to make Mondays the days when I give updates on our missionary journey. I hope that's okay with you.

We leave for training in less than two weeks. 2 weeks!!! It's a pretty crazy thought. That means that we are currently going through everything to determine what needs to go to training, what needs to go to Costa Rica (where we go for language training), and what needs to find a new home via the yard sale this weekend or by way of the trash truck.

We're getting all of our earthly possessions down to what can fit into eight 50-pound bags and three carry-ons. We're also storing some things in my parents' attic. Because they're cool enough to let us.

It's a little crazy around here. DeLaynie enjoys dumping things out of boxes (usually while yelling "yippee!"), so it's a little difficult to keep tasks completed. At least she isn't miserable. The hardest task is going to be toys. It isn't easy to take away the things that you think are important to your children, though I doubt that my assessment of the situation is accurate. The girls both seem pretty happy with a pile of dirt and a box. Still, it feels wrong. It's one of those times that I have to trust my head, and not this wickedly depraved heart of mine.

Every week, I'm going to give you some prayer requests to keep you busy. Your prayers matter, and they will make us more effective in our ministry. By praying for us, you are doing mission work!

  • First of all, pray for our families. More specifically, really pray for our parents. My parents are named Derek and Sheila. Edwin's parents are Bill, who is married to Cindy, and Edwina, who is married to Bob. They are being called to make a very heavy sacrifice by giving up most of the time they would have with their grandchildren. As Dad puts it, they'll be the ones "standing on the dock" as we head out on this adventure.
  • Secondly, lift up the girls (DeLaynie and Ella). We're beginning a series of changes that are going to be pretty difficult for them. They'll go from spending almost all of their time with one of us, to full-time daycare/school. Pray that they will adjust quickly to each and every change that comes barrelling their way. Pray that we will have wisdom in dealing with their emotions, and that we will know when discipline is appropriate, and when a hug is a better course of action. Pray that DeLaynie will continue to catch up developmentally so she can better understand when we explain what's going on.
  • Finally, pray that we will either be able to find buyers for all of the items that must be sold, or that we will see opportunities to fill the needs of others. We have so much, and we desperately want to use what we have for the glory of our King. It has occurred to me that there are hundreds of millions of people who would be hard-pressed to fill two fifty-pound bags per a person. God has blessed us richly!

Thank you for your prayers as we continue down this path, which is so new to us. I know that we will see God at work, laying each brick for us to step on.

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Marian said...

Love the idea of "missions Mondays"!! I will definetly be praying for your requests too! I may not "know" you but we are sisters in Christ and through His blood we can pray for one another!!