Tuesday, April 14, 2009

You Sicko!

Ella isn't feeling well. Her nose is runny, she's congested, she has a slight fever, and she's cranky in general. She's also teething. She is as unpleasant as she gets. I want to think that it's a combination of allergies and teething that is managing to birth this unpleasant phase in my jolly little one's life.

We've been at my husband's mom and step-dad's house, and we forgot to bring a play yard for her to sleep in. She's very picky about being in a crib or a play yard for sleeping. She doesn't even sleep well with us. DeLaynie would sleep for days on end if we let her snuggle up to us, but not Ella. Apparently, Ella reserved her affection for the day time, and DeLaynie prefers subconscious loving.

All of that to say, her sleepiness and illness have combined to create... SUPER CRANKY BABY! The new, un-costumed super hero with the power of a thousand normal cranky one year-olds! I know. We are so lucky!

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Rachel said...

I feel ya. I'm right there too this week!!!