Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Few Prayer Requests

As you're thinking about us this week, we would love it if you would lift a few requests before the Father on our behalf. Even better, pray for them right now, if you can.

  • Ella isn't sleeping very well in this new place. Her teeth (or the new teeth that are still working their way through her gums) are waking her up in the night, and she isn't going back to sleep for hours after she wakes up. Mommy and Daddy have full days here, so sleep would be very helpful. Pray that those darn teeth will pop on through, and that she will feel comfortable enough in her new surroundings to ease back to sleep when she wakes up in the middle of the night.
  • She isn't eating much at school, either. (I'm talking about Ella, the lover of all things similar to food.) It's probably due in large part to the fact that she is dealing with a relatively severe case of separation anxiety. Pray that God would bring her comfort and peace as she's away from Mommy for such a large part of the day, every weekday. I know that doesn't sound so bad if you're a working mom, but in combination with the move, it's a pretty big deal for her.
  • DeLaynie's doing really well! Although she still isn't eating a whole lot, she's eating more, especially when they serve one of the foods she is willing to eat. Today was grilled cheese, and tomorrow is chicken nuggets, two of her favorites. Pray that God will continue to help her in accepting new foods and give her the concentration to sit down and eat with the noise and excitement of being at school.
  • This Friday, DeLaynie is going to start receiving speech therapy, along with a few other children. She'll be working with her to help us develop strategies for life on the field, so we can help her to continue developing in Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Pray that the speech therapist will be able to connect with DeLaynie quickly, and that she will get a good handle on DeLaynie's needs.
  • Oh yeah, and we could use some prayer, too. We are pretty worn out from all of the responsibilities here, in addition to the ones we brought with us. Like, you know, our kids. I was going to list everything that has to get done in a day here, but it became the majority of this post before I'd finished. Let's just say that we are tired. My coffee intake has gone from one very strong cup a day to one very strong cup a day + 4 not-so-strong cups a day. Pray that God will provide us with rest on the weekends, and with supernatural energy during the week.

We've seen lots of prayers answered, from the very smooth car trip to DeLaynie's improvement in eating. We are never lonely here. We're learning a ton, and best of all, we are growing closer to our Father every single day. It's a wonderful experience, even when it's completely exhausting. While you're praying, go ahead and ask God to move in our lives in a new and powerful way. And why don't you ask Him to do the same for you, too. He's a great God. The only Almighty King. My prayer for you is that you are able to enjoy His presence today and every day.


Anonymous said...

We will be in constant prayer for you-praying specifically for Ella and for Mom and Dad and praising God for DeLaynie adjusting so well!!!

jjsgem said...

I am certainly praying for you both and for your family. Thanks for sharing. Hope you can make contact w/our friends Larry & Susan.
Jim Jackson

judy weed said...

You and your family are in our prayers. We are very proud of what you are doing for our Father of heaven and earth. DeLaynie may not be eating well because it is painful with her theathing. My kids did that. I love your web site. Thank you finding the time to keep us updated. IT TAKES VERY STRONG PEOPLE TO DO WHAT YOU ARE DOING BUT WE ALL KNOW THAT WITH THE POWER OF GOD ENYTHING IS POSSIBLE. THINKING OF YOU JUDY WEED