Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Little Things

They really add up. A couple of hooded towels that are especially cute, baby socks, maybe a book or two (or ten), DeLaynie's two-foot penguin that she inherited from Micah's childhood, and which they can take up a surprising amount of space. They can also make a place a world away seem a little bit closer to home.

Material things aren't the only little things that make a big difference, though. Mom and I went to one of the three nail salons (in a town with a population of 6 thousand!) and got pedicures yesterday. It was a small amount of time, and thanks to a gift certificate I received for Christmas, a small amount of money, but it was a welcome break from packing and over-analyzing.

Last night Mom and Dad took DeLaynie to see Disney on Ice. It was not successful. It was simply too loud for her. They said that she seemed to want to like it, but it was just too much for her. Her poor, little heart was beating out of her chest, and she kept saying, "No. No! Bye, bye! Let's go!" So they went to Burger King. DeLaynie ate a few fries, sucked down her chocolate milk, and (along with Mom's help) beat the high score on the video game before heading to the playground. She had a blast with her $3 meal and $1 entertainment.

Today we went to see a movie and get lunch at one of my favorite, marginally Italian restaurants with Youth Dude and His Awesome Chick. We had fun, joked, and talked, all free from children. Time with other adults, another small thing that counts for a lot.

One more little thing- A good friend gave me a very sweet note today. We've done a lot of moving around, and there's plenty more moving to go. We've been here for four months. That's too long to go without friends (even for a recovering anti-socialite like myself), but it's also a pretty short time to find people with whom you "click". That note was a reminder that God has provided us with friends, supporters, and prayer partners at each and every step of this journey, and I am absolutely confident that He will continue to do so. In fact, we have already gotten to know a group of people who will be attending the same training that we will.

Small things in life are some of God's biggest gifts.

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