Thursday, April 2, 2009

Now, That's Photography!

Samantha posted a few of the photos she took yesterday on her blog to give us a preview of the beauty to come. When I first opened the page and saw them, I had this intense desire to shriek. I don't shriek often, but I really wanted to at first viewing. Edwin noticed this ridiculous grin on my face and came over to look. We both sat there and marveled at what we saw. Here are a couple of previews, and you can go to their blog for more.

I love the path thing that's going on here. As a literary nut, I want to talk about metaphor and all that philosophical stuff. I'll spare you, and just remark on how pretty it is. Isn't is lovely?

I love that little face she has on her.

Look, I try to not brag about how incredibly beautiful my children are, but it's pretty hard to deny at this point. Just look at that baby up there!

A little word on the tutus: DeLaynie loved it! Ella thought that it was interesting, and I found it utterly delightful to watch her crawl around in it. DeLaynie enjoyed it so much that I came home and made some. I'll probably take some pictures for a how-to blog, if any of you mommies of little girls are interested. (They also make good birthday presents for toddlers and preschool girls.) If you don't have as much time as I have with Edwin being home, or if you just don't care to play with tulle, you can go here and order one from the woman who made those lovely tutus that you see in the pictures. She's a stay-at-home mom, so I know that a bunch of you would love to support her work :). The ones she sells are boutique quality, and gorgeous. Mine are not, but DeLaynie still giggles whenever she gets to spin around in it.


The Carpenter Life said...

WOW!! These are fabulous!! WHat a lovely family you have!


Megan Abraham said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

Rachel said...

Those are GORGEOUS!! You picked very well. Great job!

Leigh Anne said...

WOW! I love these! I went to her blog and I love the close up of little Ella. Also love the ones of the family on the path. You do have beautiful children!