Monday, April 27, 2009

Some Pictures

Children take turns being the good picture taker in the family, or at least they do in my family. Tonight was DeLaynie's night, but I made sure to get the same number of pictures per kid in today's post, even if the quality is imbalanced.

After a prayer tea for the women at training, I came home and took the girls out to play. The idea was to give Edwin some time to himself. That wonderful husband of mine misused his time though. That poor man cleaned up so I wouldn't have to. How great is he? Don't worry. I'll do my best, if not better, to make sure that he gets some good rest tomorrow.

On with the photos!
Before I could get Edwin inside, he pretended like he was going to chase DeLaynie around for a few minutes. He then snuck back inside. Such a sneaky fellow is my man!
Both girls enjoyed some time in the grass. Apparently their noses just haven't ran enough. They need to make absolutely sure that they have come in contact with every allergen possible.

I'm not sure what she's doing here, but isn't she cute? Oh, and yes, I know that she has a gash on her head. That would be the effect of disobedience when I told her not to walk on the slippery bathroom floor. You can't protect them from everything, and I don't have the energy to try.

DeLaynie enjoys her feet. They are pretty great feet. Symmetrical. Functional. Those feet are soem amazing feet. Let the world join her in adoring her feet.

I love this one. No particular reason. I just do. It may have to do with the subject.

Edwin and I had a good time trying to come up with a caption for this one. My favorite was, "I'm going to have to eat what in Nicaragua?!"
For future reference, this is the face Ella makes just before falling on her rear end. Now you know.
I've gotta get a few more things done before bed time, so I need to scadaddle (please don't question my spelling. I have no clue to how to spell that one!) Good night to all!

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Marian said...

What cutie pies!! Looove the pic of Ella's bootie fall face!!