Friday, April 17, 2009


We got our flu shots today. The IMB training facility requires that all those attending have flu shots in order to prevent an epidemic from occurring on campus. We eat together, live together, and go to class together. It really isn't that unlikely that the flu would spread so quickly that none could stop it, leaving in its wake a pile of trembling, feverish missionaries.

So today we cowboyed up and got the shots. Edwin complained some before the shot, but it hasn't bothered him since the needle was actually introduced. (He's had some traumatic experiences with needles. Ask him about it, or better yet, don't). DeLaynie screamed for about .2 seconds, but got over it before Edwin got her to the van. Ella just stared back and forth between the nurse and myself, as if to say, "Mommy, I cannot believe you're letting her do this. There has to be a law!"She never actually cried, though. I, however, am very sore already. On the thirty-minute drive home, I could feel the soreness spreading from my shoulder to my elbow to my wrist. I admit it. I'm a sissy.

That's one thing down, and about a million more to go. I should probably stop talking about the one thing we've accomplished and move on to accomplishing the things that we haven't, huh?

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Marian said...

I read your last entry and you will actually be coming up to my neck of the woods. My sister in law used to work at IMB & is still very much involved so I am very familiar with the whole process. Sorry about the shots...I'll admit with you that I'm a sissy too!!