Thursday, April 23, 2009

Life on the Wild Side (Without baby proofing, that is)

The quads are not baby proofed. There's nothing really dangerous. It's just a little less than convenient. Not a big deal. Just another little adjustment. The biggest non-issue is the fact that the trashcans are not covered, and are about two feet high. That would be perfect Ella size. We've found stuffed dogs, perfectly good fruit, parts of the girls' tea set, shoes, and clothing in the trash so far. Ella, apparently, wants to live the uncluttered life. She says, "Get rid of it all!"

The drawers on their chests of drawers are not lockable, either, so I've found a few things, like a Handy Manny measuring tape, in the drawers, and one skirt that was supposed to be in the drawers was in the bathtub. She also likes to rearranged the carefully organized and folded clothing from one drawer to another.

They're staying busy. DeLaynie's taken at least five baths since we arrived. She's also been using the sink like a water table. Water. It's everywhere, and it's the world's greatest toy, except for sand, maybe. Her note from school today included a notation, "She loves the sandbox!" We picked up on that from previous encounters... :)

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Anonymous said...

Gigi has missed you all today-wish you were playing on my "beach", but I know you are where you are suppose to be. I love you!