Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Another First Day of School

Does this picture remind anyone of another first day of school pic?

DeLaynie and Daddy, obviously.

Ella, sitting by the door. She learned that from DeLaynie.

I let Daddy push the stroller so I could take a picture. Most children brought both of their parents with them for the first day. I'm pretty sure we'll be stroller pooling by the end of training.
They both did really well. DeLaynie didn't eat at school, but Edwin and I kept a couple of pieces of pizza from the adult lunch for her to eat after school, and she did.

After class, DeLaynie, Ella, and I went to a friend's quad (each one is made of four suites) to play while Edwin was in a very responsible sounding class on legal issues.

She knows that she's pretty.

A friend of mine took this here picture of me and Ella.

Ella was so happy to see Edwin after school was over that she started huffing and bouncing up and down. He was pretty happy to see her, too.

This is a picture that I took yesterday. It has nothing to do with the girls' first day of school, but I thought it was pretty.
That's about it for today. The girls had a good day, though they're tired now from all the fun. That means that we have a serious crankiness issue that I need to go handle. I'll try to get back to you soon.

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Megan Abraham said...

I can't believe you are there! So excited for you! The girls look so grown up in the pictures :-) Can't wait to hear more!