Friday, April 10, 2009

Today's the Day!

Our yard sale is today. I use the term "today" in its most technical sense. It's 2:46, and I'm still up because of all of the preparations. My mom and Edwin are still at the house, working away. DeLaynie saved me with her gripiness. She woke up very upset, allowing me the excuse to come back here and promote.

Yep. That's what this is. This is a promo. A commercial. A shameless plug.

We have tons of stuff, absolutely filling up the bottom floor of the pastorium. And we have to get rid of it. All of it. If you live near Tallassee, come on by and check it out. If you have a friend expecting a baby, with a baby, or completely uninvolved with babies (it's a combined sell with my mom), send them our way. If you have an enemy at work, suggest that they "stop by" on their way to the office. They'll get sucked right in to the incredibly low prices and fabulous stuff. You won't have to deal with them all day.

You may be thinking, "I saw the weather report, and it ain't pretty!" That's true. That is a good reason to have an indoor yard sale. Climate controlled shopping for the serious yard saler, or the person who just wants to help us out. Cause it's all gotta go! Away! Maybe to your house?

The house right next to FBC, Tallassee
Tallassee, Al

April 10th and 11th, 8 a.m. until we run out of stuff.

Support missions and feel like a genius for saving so much money!!!

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