Monday, April 13, 2009

How'd It Go?

I was reminded by a friend and commenter that I forgot to tell you how the yard sale went. Friday wasn't so fabulous, but Saturday was more than twice as productive! I was a little concerned because in our previous home town, Friday was the best yard sale day. Apparently, Tallassee works differently.

We still have lots of stuff, some of which I thought would be the first items to go, like the bread maker. I guess that Goodwill will be having a really busy day sometime soon. We made some money, and got rid of a large portion of our fantastic, useless junk. Well, it was useless to us. Hopefully, it will be useful to someone else.

Well, yesterday was a fun Easter. We had a great time with the Youth Dude family and my family. Then we came up to Birmingham to see Edwin's mom. Today we got to see a really fantastic family that we hadn't seen since August.

I guess that the only thing left for today's post is the customary family pic from yesterday. If you're wondering about the background, my home church has a tradition where they place a cross in front and allow members to place their flowers on it. Unfortunately, we have some small family members, and their dresses were much prettier with them standing instead of being held. Maybe this is indicative of misplaced priorities (I prefer a nice-looking picture of us to a full shot of the cross), but I lean toward the idea that I focus my energy toward living out the message of the cross as opposed to taking pictures of its image. I'll leave that decision up to you.

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the Mama of the Peas said...

I love the girls dresses, so cute! and I'm glad saturday was better for you.