Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Bananas and the Library

My child ate a banana, well half of a banana! It wasn't made out of play-dough or anything. She did keep putting the peel on her head and saying "Nanna head!". In a Dora dvd, Boots does this and says, "I'm Boots the Banana Head!" I found this very cute.

I took DeLaynie to the library kiddo time. She was easily the most rambunctious kid there, but she was also the oldest one of only four kids. I talked to B. Wald who normally takes her kids twice a week, every week (very impressive), and she said that it's because they're shy, not well behaved. Okay, I'll go with that. It would make sense that the library time would be made up of shy kids. I took DeLaynie once last year and gave up after trying to hold her squirmy little self down for fifteen minutes. I bet the other moms of "active" children had a similar experience and stopped going. Or maybe they predicted the outcome and side-stepped it altogether.

I'm going to keep taking DeLaynie. Just to make sure, I checked out a kid's book (about learning to talk), so that I'd have to go back and return it. I think it's good for her, even if I drive the other mommies nuts with our presence. Eh, they need to see what a nice, normal, slightly nutty two year-old looks like.

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