Friday, September 19, 2008

Sid The Science Kid

There's a new show on PBS called Sid the Science Kid. I let DeLaynie watch t.v. in the mornings, and it comes on at 8:30, before t.v. off time and after her wake up time. I really like this show! Jim Hensen produces it.

The kid goes to the coolest preschool ever, with the lowest student-teacher ratio ever. It must cost them a fortune! Everyday they do these really fun labs and they show videos of real kids doing the same labs in a real classroom setting. I can't wait until DeLaynie's old enough to experiment a little. I could see us blowing up our kitchen at some point.

The other show that I really like is SuperWhy. Granted, they rip traditional fairy tales to shreds by making them more acceptable. Still, DeLaynie loves it, especially Princess Presto. After watching it, she goes around waving her imaginary wand and saying, "Presto!"

Someday soon I hope to get a video of DeLaynie doing her tiger/lion sound. She always whispers it. She's figured out that Edwin and I find this adorable. She just giggles when we ask her to do it. She has us wrapped around her pinky.

In other news, community day is tomorrow! It's our biggest outreach event of the year. I'm excited about the cake I'm going to make. I've never made a traditional layer cake. I'm hoping that it works out okay. It's a really fattening chocolate cake... and I'm adding nuts for, uh... protein. I'm really into baking these days. Too bad that all things worth baking have more calories and grams of fat than I should have in a week. Community day is giving me a good excuse to make something. I'll have a piece, just to make sure that it turns out okay, of course.

Well, it's t.v. off time. I think I'll get the girls ready to go out and play. Then maybe we'll blow up the kitchen, purely for educational purposes, obviously. :)

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brooke said...

I love Sid too. I think that the best shows are on PBS. My favorite is still Word World. It's the only show that Sawyer and Lola both absolutely love.