Friday, September 26, 2008


No one has an Oregon State shirt that I can borrow, I suppose. For those of you who are unaware, Oregon State beat USC last night. That's a big deal. USC was numero uno. They're one of those teams that most people despise, and those that like them, love them passionately. They seem to be an incredibly conceited team, though I've never met them. I probably shouldn't judge.

Until the second half, USC didn't even score on the beavers. That's right. The number one team in the country (until last night) got beat by a team with the noble beaver as its mascot.

In other NCAA football news, Alabama plays Georgia tomorrow! I am so excited. Granted, we could esily get completely demolished by the bulldogs. I know... fans aren't supposed to say such things, but Georgia's good. Either way, it should be a great game. And I love Mark Richt (Georgia's coach). No one's going to give Saban hugability points, but maybe he can pull out a win for us. We shall see.

Speaking of football, sort of... I'm a little bummed that Sawyer's (B.Wald's son) first soccer game was moved. It was going to be tomorrow, but it was moved to Tuesday. I just can't wait to watch a bunch of three year-old kids scramble around a field, kicking eath other's shins silly. (They'll be wearing shin guards; I'm no sadist.) I think I may get a shirt made that has "Sawyer's Completely Un-related Fan" written on the back. Okay, probably not. I'll wait until he's old enough for that to really embarass him before I do that. Maybe I'll add a picture of him in his diaper. That'll be great when he's fifteen.

I hope that you have a great start to your weekend! Rollllll Tide, Roll!

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