Thursday, September 18, 2008

I Wish I Were a Shopping Warrior

That's the term my dad uses for my mom. She's amazing. She can stretch a buck farther than a pair of pantyhose. I'm not a shopping warrior. We spent a ton of money today at the grocery store. I'd stretched our food as far as possible, but we ran out of a lot of staples, like flour, sugar, etc. all at once. It was painful. It doesn't help that they've cut the number of diapers you get in a box without reducing the price. It's just plain wrong.

DeLaynie broke my glasses. They were already pretty pitiful. They're four years old, so the prescription's outdated, but there are plenty of times when my eyes beg for freedom from contacts. Oh well, that'll wait.

Today we shelled out the necessary cash to get a new key for the van. Edwin and I both have amnesia for the moment that he supposedly handed me the key. We're pretty sure DeLaynie got a hold of it.

All this to say that I'm positive that my mom could've fed us for the same amount of time, with better food, for half of what we paid. Yet another way I hope to become more like her. Time... just give me some time.


brooke said...

I think you do pretty good. Brian pointed out to me today that even though that was a big grocery trip y'all do eat much better than us. So, considering what you cook and the type food you cook with, you do really well. Good food is expensive. It's not right.

Lindsay said...

I need to do better about our grocery bills, too. I went to the store yesterday to just pick up "a couple of things" and it cost $40! Seriously, I was just going to get milk, some more cokes, etc. - not even the big, meat-buying trip - and it cost more than what I would want to spend on a nice dinner out. It stinks...