Friday, September 12, 2008

Edwin's Day Off

It's been a fun afternoon. Edwin took the afternoon off. We all went into E-town. We went to Staples and spent a credit card points gift card (we use it mostly for church expenses until he's reimbursed), followed by refreshments (for whatever reason, that's the term Edwin decided to use) from Starbucks. I had that ridiculously expensive Fiji Water and 1/2 of a cookie. Okay, fine. It was way more than half. Edwin had a part of a half. What do you want from me? It was good, too. Really good. I want another one (or four) good. They had Cheesecake Factory cakes and cookies, and I chose against them. I think that counts for something... right?

I made an executive decision that this week is going to hold two nights off from cooking because we'd have to make an extra grocery store trip, oh and I don't want to cook tonight. Then we're going to watch a movie. The plan is to prevent DeLaynie from napping so we can put them both to bed earlier than normal. We'll see if that one works out.

Between the really fun office supplies (yeah, I get genuinely excited about pens, notebooks, and Post-Its), a cookie, and early night-night, this could turn into a great kick-off for the weekend. Ooooo, kick-off. That reminds me: tomorrow is football day! This really will be a fun weekend!

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Rachel said...

There is something truly exhilarating about getting new office supplies!! :) I'm with you on that one!