Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I've Been Published!

I decided to start trying to make a little bit of money by publishing a few articles. One of them has been picked up. I make money based on how many hits my article receives, so feel free to send this link to anyone and everyone. :) Yes, this is yet another ode to my stroller. Thanks for checking it out! There is a misprint in the opening paragraph. It's driving me nuts. It's supposed to be, "my husband's dad and his wife," not "my husband and his wife." That would be Edwin and myself.



Brooke said...

okay, so i read it and emailed it to some friends.

so you make money just by writing articles????....hmmm, sounds interesting....

Rachel said...

congrats!! Good job!

Cheryl said...

I came across your blog from SBC Voices. I am a minister's wife as well.
I've wanted to pursue writing articles for extra income.
Can you tell me how you got started and give me any tips?