Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Six Month Well Visit for Ella

Ella had an appointment this morning. Because Edwin made the appointment, it was at nine a.m. Pretty much the earliest option available with our pediatrician. It didn't matter too much since DeLaynie was up around 6:40. So was everyone else. Well, not Ella. She can sleep through a train roaring through our den in the mornings.

Back to the check-up. Ella is still in the 55th percentile in height and head circumference, and the 90th for weight. That's right... 9oth percentile! She's a chubby bunny. She just had her first tooth pop through! The doctor confirmed that it is a tooth and not a piece of porcelain that became embedded in her gums. We were worried there for a second, (just kidding). Now that we know it is a tooth, we're quite proud. She worked very hard on it.

Poor little Ella endured four shots. Four! I hate the look I get when I'm holding down a trusting, little infant and they feel that first poke. It screams, "How could you be a part of this? I loved you! I trusted you! You are a traitor!" She forgave me though. It just took a meal. (I can't imagine how she got so chubby.)

As the doctor and I were talking, we realized that today was our last visit before we go to training for the IMB, if everything works out. It's an odd thought. Everything still seems so far off, but it isn't. We're creeping up on it. Granted, the possibility that one of my girls will get sick before we leave isn't exactly small, so it's not really our last visit to this particular doctor. Still, it's an odd thought that we won't be at Middle Creek, or in Kentuky, much longer. A lot of things could change very quickly, but the way everything is coming together, it really looks like we'll be going to training in January.

I guess that I need to get back to caring for my sore infant and my early-rising toddler. I'm hoping that they'll both enjoy a decent nap today. (I'm not keeping my fingers crossed on a repeat of yesterday's child-free hour, though.)

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