Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Few Kids at the Table

Last night was our turn for keeping the Wald. kids. B. Wald. had watched ours while we went to FAITH training, and we owed her... big time. We haven't really re-paid it since she kept them for four hours a day for two days. We kept them for like... three hours. And I had Edwin. Her husband was at work while she was in charge of all four kids.

Well, it wasn't bad at all. They were pretty good. It was actually pretty fun when we were eating dinner. Edwin was performing a wedding for a part of the evening. I made everyone a grilled cheese sandwich, except for me and Ella. She had peas and sweet potatoes. DeLaynie sat at the head of the table, Saw-man at the foot, Baby O-O (she's 18 months) in the high chair, and Ella in her Bumbo on the table. They did a great job eating. Everyone ate at least 2/3 of their dinner, and DeLaynie and Ella ate every drop of their dinners. I was so proud! Edwin told me that I should have taken a picture, but I didn't think about it. I'm pretty sure that it would have simply caused total chaos. You know, cameras tend to incite riots in toddlers.

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brooke said...

I'm glad they were good. And I'm also looking forward to the soccer game. It's going to be funny! I think Sawyer will be so confused.