Monday, September 1, 2008

What I'm Going to Be When I Grow Up

You know the kid in "A Christmas Story"? I never really liked the movie (I know, I know), but the kid in it reminds me of myself. I'm pretty sure that I should have grown out of it by now, but I still have those fantasies when I wow everyone with my brilliance. Someday, I'm hoping that an expert in one area or another will jump up excitedly and say, "This is it. You are meant to do this!" That hasn't happened.

I am very good at laser tag. My brother and I share this oh-so-useful skill. We'd both get "Top Gun" honors for our respective teams when the youth went to play. Now, there's a gift. For whatever reason, this particular sport doesn't have a pro league yet. I'll be here, housewifing, until they do. (I sure hope women will be included on that fateful day.) I would take up paintball, but I bruise like a peach, and I'd hate for Edwin to be accused of domestic abuse since he can't even raise his voice in my general direction.

I love lecturing. I'm not very good at it. I haven't had a ton of opportunities to refine any skills I may have naturally. Believe it or not, there aren't many touring circuits for young, Bachelor's level mommies that don't require much time away from home. Crazy, huh?

You may not know this, but I have every intention of getting my doctorate... eventually. (And no, I don't have my Master's yet, or any classes toward a Master's either.) I'll probably be ninety when I do, but I am fairly dedicated to the idea. In what, I have no clue. I have very little say in where we live and what schools are near us. (That whole God's calling thing...) Thus the five colleges that I attended before graduating from WKU. I am waiting for direction... still waiting. Bear in mind that I'm not patient. Maybe that's why I'm still waiting.


Rachel said...

I _HATED_ that movie growing up. It was so depressing!!! And it was always on at my Grandparent's house, even if it was August. Yuck.
I also am good at laser tag - it was actually the only physical game that I ever beat my brother at regularly. I was so proud!!

ministry mama said...

Oooo, let's start a league. I'm sure tons of people will tune in to see two chicks running around a hot, dark room with fake guns and strollers!