Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bathing Babes

It's too cool to get in the water, but it's never too cool to put on the girls' bathing suits and take pictures... for a couple of minutes. Last night, when we first got here, I took a few pics. Here ya go!

My aunt gave me this bathing suit when DeLaynie was younger than Ella. I've been saving it up since then, and DeLaynie's finally old enough (or big enough) to fit!

This bathing suit was DeLaynie's when she was Ella's age. I couldn't wait to see how the baby of the fam would look in it. Pretty fab, eh?

Today we went out and DeLaynie got in the sand, her favorite of all substances. It started out so innocently...
DeLaynie loved having her feet covered. Edwin would ask her where her feet were, and you'd see the sand shake a little. It was funny, and De loved it.

Then it escalated. Daddy started burying her deeper and deeper into the sand.

Until her head was all that remained visible.

Now, if you're thinking about calling the authorities on us, you should know that that is a completely genuine smile. She begged us to stay in, and it required a bath to calm her down after we forced her to get out because the sand was chilly. She had a ball, as did her dad and uncle. We're a weird folk, we are.


the Mama of the Peas said...

too cute! Looks like a great vacation!

Marian said...

How cute are those little girls!!! The beach is the best!! Have fun.

Brooke said...

That's fun! I'm not sure if mine would enjoy that or freak out. I could see it going both ways.