Thursday, March 5, 2009

Time to Get Out...

There are certain signals that a woman sends in order to get her point across. In preparing for our date night, I began thinking about the ways that a woman might assist her husband in realizing that she needs a night out. Here is a list of signs that should alert a man that her husband needs to get her out tonight (Do not pass go, and do not collect $200!):
  • You notice that a dress (not the church-going kind ;) and heels have been laid out for three weeks.
  • She won't stop cutting up your food for you.
  • You find yourself eating fish sticks off the fine china in candle light.
  • After you suggest that she talk about something, anything, other than the kids, your wife pauses for a few minutes and then quietly asks, "There's something other than the kids?"
  • While checking your online banking statement, you notice that she has recently opened a new savings account that she has titled, "Money for Our Big Date." And it has $400 in it!
  • Every other sentence begins with, "When we go out on that date, we really should..."
  • All of her jokes center around lines from VeggieTales and Disney movies.
  • After three days of T-shirts and ponytails, you walk in to find your wife doing dishes in a ball gown, her wedding tiara, and her finest bunny slippers.

Edwin will be home in a few hours, so I better start getting ready. For some reason, he thinks that we need to get out. Maybe it was the two hour conversation about our Happy Meal toy collection.

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Rachel said...

This is hilarious! I'm just getting caught up on my blog reading - sorry I'm a bit behind. But this one cracked me up! I hope you guys had a great time.