Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lots of Pictures!

With some of Ella's Christmas money, I ordered a Latin music set. What resulted was a festival de musica latina (for those of you who don't speak the same four words of Spanish that I do, that means "Latin Music Festival"). Well, I'm not sure how Latin it was, and I'm absolutely positive it wasn't musical, but the kids had a blast. They've been getting down and getting loud ever since Edwin brought it in.

Ella thought that the maraca is a microphone. She kept holding it up to her mouth and "singing" into it.

DeLaynie getting funky with her tambourine, though she thinks it's a drum. They really don't know their instruments, do they?

Ella likes the whistle because she can actually use it. She's quite a natural whistler.

Yep. We had a good time gettin' down Latin style.

The girls received some pretty nightgowns for Christmas from Edwin's dad and step-mom. I have been meaning to take some pictures of them wearing them, but getting them all dolled-up at bedtime is hard to remember. I finally took a few, though they aren't as good of pictures as I'd like. I'll try to take some more later, in better light so I won't need the flash.

Ella is all smiles about... something. I think I must have said something absolute hilarious. Just pretend like I did, okay. I've been hurting in the humor department lately.

I think she has a sweet expression here.

DeLaynie didn't give me any especially precious or sweet, so you'll just have to take this one.

This is the closest thing to a picture of both of them with pleasant looks as I'm going to get, at least until they're in their twenties. Maybe we'll get some good ones at DeLaynie's wedding.

I really liked the expression on DeLaynie's face. They were having fun not cooperating.

It took me a long time to get DeLaynie's hair into decent pigtails this morning. I eventually got it, and I had to celebrate with a picture. So... yippee!

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the Mama of the Peas said...

your kids are so precious! And I agree about not getting good pictures till they are at least in their teens... I have to bribe/threaten Emily to cooperate.