Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Just 'Cause Everyone Else Does It...

So, here's the problem: the girls are going to have to share a room for at least the next year. Families all over the world have multiple children in one room. I know that it can be done, (Just deal with it, Hannah!) but we stayed at Edwin's dad and step mom's house for a couple of nights, and I find myself wondering how, exactly, that little arrangement is going to work. Every time one child was calm, the other struck up the ol' vocal chords and got to screaming.

They had as good of a one-room arrangement as we're ever going to get. It wasn't a problem of us sharing a room with them. It was an issue with them sharing a room together. Yet again, I know that this is really a non-issue in the long run. It will be good for them. All that jazz. Still, I'm rather fond of sleep. The lack of it seems to make everything else impossible. They kept the entire household up until sometime in the a.m. on Sunday night/ Monday morning.

I'm sure that this is just one more thing that God will take care of, even if the solution includes a lot of blood-shot eyes and tears. We begin the transition this week. It should be, a, um, growing experience for all :).

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