Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Play Time

I'm sitting on my couch as DeLaynie plays in the sandbox outside! It's a weird moment. Normally, I'm no more than five feet from her when she plays outside. I can still see her. She's only 20 feet or so away, but it's so exciting to be able to do something while she plays. The door is open, in case of an emergency, but I don't anticipate any. She's barely moved from her little spot in the sandbox.

Edwin has Ella with him. He went to see a friend for lunch. I owe him pretty big. While DeLaynie was at school, I slept. I slept hard and I slept late. It was great! I eventually got up and leisurely wrote my devotional blog. Oh the joy! Now I'm sitting here, with only one child to care for, and the one I have is the easy one, as long as sand is somewhere nearby. I may need to bake him a cake...

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