Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Um, Oops!

Yesterday was a day chock-full of mistakes. I woke up in a great mood. The best word for it was simply joy. I was joyous. I guess that I was a little too caught up in doing cartwheels (literally) and playing with the girls.

After all of that babbling about how important it is going to be to keep sunscreen on me and the girls while in Central America, I sort of forgot to put any on us yesterday. We spent hours upon hours outside yesterday. (It was ridiculously beautiful!) I kept them in the shade most of the time, but when we went to the playground, there wasn't much shade to be had, and I just wasn't thinking. We are all a little pinker than we should be. I have pretty high standards for sun burn after 24 years of getting burned on a regular basis (I sure hope dermatologists are working on that skin cancer thing), so I wouldn't say that we're that bad. We're just slightly pig-like in our coloring.

I also wore my FitFlops all day yesterday. I don't normally spend more than $15 on shoes. The only reason that I splurged on them was because I know that we'll be doing a lot of walking in very hot weather, and these things are supposed to be better for feet than other flip flops. And allow me to say, those suckers work! They are supposed to burn more calories with every step and work muscles that are typically dormant in walking. I believe it! For that reason, you're only supposed to wear them for short periods of time until you're used to it. I'm not used to it yet. Now I'm in pain. My legs are killing me!

Finally, I woke up DeLaynie last night. I just wanted to check on her. I had just gotten Ella back to sleep after an intermission of crying, and I was going to quietly peek in her door and check on her. The door creaks. I know that, but I just wasn't thinking... again! I also turned on the kitchen light right outside of her door. It was completely dark in the house, so I couldn't have seen without it. She was almost asleep when the creaking door and excessively bright light snapped her out of it and made her angry. She then proceeded to wake up Ella through her poorly chosen expression of anger (that would be crying and screaming).

I'm still in a good mood, and I'm glad that we played so much of the day yesterday. I just wish that I had taken a break from all of that fun to think. Here's my thought for the day: "Happiness and wisdom are not mutually exclusive. Make sure that you take time for both."

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