Saturday, March 7, 2009

Cake, Please!

I finally ran out of my homemade pureed pumpkin! I even brought it to Alabama from Kentucky. It took too long for me to make for me to just leave it behind. I'm pretty sure that I didn't know what I was doing because it was very watery. I'm also pretty sure that my pumpkin had something wrong with it because it was very yellow. Anyway, I've already thoroughly complained about the pumpkin pureeing experience. This is a different post...

DeLaynie, the child who seems to have a healthy food sensor that prevents her from eating anything of nutritional value, loves pumpkin muffins. (Pumpkin muffins are nothing but spice cake mix and a can of pumpkin puree mixed together and baked in a muffin pan.) She started by asking for mine every once in a while, but now she and I both have one every single morning. When I'm microwaving them (I cook a batch, and then freeze them, so I have them on hand at all times), she runs into the kitchen and starts yelling, "Cake! Cake! Please, please, please!" These things are chock-full of vitamins and beta carotene. That's right, my child likes something that is actually good for her!

Sure, it's baked into cake form, but about six months ago she wouldn't even eat cake because it was too soft. I'm so proud of my little girl for trying something new, and admitting it when she likes it. (That's two better than her father. :)

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