Thursday, March 12, 2009

School Picture Day

DeLaynie is my first child. That being so, I get excited over things that aren't going to seem like a big deal (at all) in about three or four years. Today is picture day at school. I labored over the decision of what to put her in. I ironed. Yep, that's what I said. I ironed tiny toddler clothes. Then my mom pointed out that my choice may not look too good on camera. We discussed a better option. We came up with one.

We put off her bath until this morning. She almost always wakes up around 7 a.m. Not today! No, today's she sleeps until 8:15. I hate waking her up because she is insanely grumpy when she isn't allowed to wake up on her own. I would have bolstered my courage and walked into the blaze of her fury (slight exaggeration, but it sounds so cool!), but I didn't want her to be in a bad mood for the picture. There's a lot of pressure on a mom for these things! I had almost decided to skip the bath and soak down her hair with a squirt bottle, but I decided that the good mood that would result from the bath would make up for the hurry that it would cause in getting dressed. It worked out fine. It was much easier to do her hair that way (granted, I'm desperately hoping that it will dry before the pictures. Surely, it will?), and she was just as happy as she could be.

I feel like a success. Like I could run a marathon. Or a 5k. Or a sprint around the block. Or at least to the mailbox. On second thought, I should probably wait and see how the pictures come out before going and getting sweaty. Yeah, good plan.

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Marian said...

So cute...isn't funny how children don't follow "your" plan! Tess almost always wakes up later on Sundays, the day we "have" to be somewhere. What's up with that?!! Hope the pics turn out well!